7 Best ATV Snow Plow That Money Can Buy in 2019

When the entire neighborhood is covered in a white sheet of snow, which is glistering, then that is the first sign that, winter is fast approaching. This will be fun for your children, but as for you, you will have to do the hard work of cleaning off the driveways and sidewalks. While there are those who will comfortably use a snow shovel to do the work, you will be well placed if you invested in one of the best ATV snow plows as it will make your job fun and easy. So can an ATV Plow Snow and Why ATV good for snow plowing?

When you purchase a UTV or ATV plow and attach it to your four-wheel front, it turns it into a snow plowing machine which will be able to clear fields, driveways, and pathways easily and quickly. 

Comparison Table of ATV Snow Plow




1. Extreme Max 5500.5010 ATV Plow Uniplow One Box

Extreme Max 5500.5010 UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow

2. WARN 79958 ProVantage 72 Blade Snow Plow

WARN 79958 ProVantage 72

3. Plow Push Tube 105635 from KFI

KFI Products (105635 Plow Push Tube

4. 50 inches DENALI ATV Snow Plow Kit Honda Rancher 420

50 inch DENALI ATV Snow Plow Kit - 2014-2019 Honda Rancher 420

5. Kolpin 17 – 5000 Switchable UTV Plow

Kolpin 17-5000 Switchblade UTV Plow

6. Swisher 2645R 50 inch Plow Blade for ATV

Swisher 2645R 50-Inch ATV Plow Blade

7. Click nGo CNG 2 Snow Plow for UTV and ATV

CLICK nGO CNG 2 Snow Plow for ATV & UTV

Top 7 ATV/UTV Snow Plow Reviews

1. Extreme Max 5500.5010 ATV Plow Uniplow One Box


Whereas most of the brands on the market you will be expected to purchase the mounts and the blades separately along with other accessories which you will need to use, this particular one comes with all that you need when you purchase it.

In the kit, you will find a universal mount, plow blade, and push tube assembly. I have the one piece steel blade plow which comes in a 50 inches wide and a height of 16 inches. It has an added benefit of 3/16 inches grade gusseting 50, and this makes me end up with the girth which I need to move any stubborn snow that comes my way.

There is another uniplow which has a two-sided 3/16 inch steel wear bar that is attached to it. You will then attach it to the main unit which has grade 8 bolts and skid pads that are adjustable and heavy duty. This makes it be extra durable and more efficient when plowing the snow.

Another great feature of this snow plow is its ability to select multiple blade angles. When you move the pin you will be able to easily adjust the system and the angling blade into one of the 6 preset positions.

It has a uni-mount universal mount which easily connects to your ATV frame behind the wheels, allowing for better control by you, as the configuration is able to direct the plowing force through the frame of the ATV. The end results is a smooth and more effective plowing.

The ingenious Uniplow push tube which is welded on the design allows for a quick and easy installation. For durability that is increased, this particular plow has a black powder coat finish.  It comes with a one year warranty and it is made from the USA.

2. WARN 79958 ProVantage 72 Blade Snow Plow


This is one of the largest blades which is available in the WARN ProVantage series which is at 72 inches. Apart from that, it has heavy-duty ribbing and it is a blade which is coated with a low friction powder that helps in stopping any materials from being able to stick on the blade. In the process, it helps in creating a product that is quality, long lasting, and very hard to damage. It is a product which is specifically designed with a base that is wide and this adds further to its stability.

Due to the fact that it is made from 12 gauge steel, with a ribbing that is heavy duty and powdered coat, it is quality, stable, and heavy duty.

My dad uses it and he seems to like it due to the fact that its plow system is efficient and on point. It is made from steel 12 gauge and that makes it be rugged than most of the others. It has a sturdy box design that is good for getting it out of thick snow.

When driving through the snow, it does it in the smoothest manner and this has made him enjoy doing the work all by himself. In the end, he gets the best clearance of the ground without having to stress up. You don’t have to remove, slouch or go under the ATV when you are doing your installation making it be convenient.

If this becomes your choice of ATV snow plow, then it might be able to do most of the hard work for you. It has features which amplify speed and strength in the best and accurate way possible. Things like the adjustable angle for attacking, if you move around quite often, then this feature will come in handy.  It has a spring tension which is stable and a precise ATV plow mount kit.

3. Plow Push Tube 105635 from KFI


When you get this product, it comes with instructions which are clear and thus, you will install it in the shortest time possible. My brother bought it for his ATV last winter and gave him a good service.

It might be a little heavy to move around by yourself and thus, you will require a helping hand.  It is of high quality due to the fact that it is manufactured in the USA.

For blade adjustment, it has a pull lever that is easy. It comes with a plow lift that is multi position, 5-degree increments of pitch adjustments for six blade, and powder coated black to prevent rusting. It has a ¼ inch grade heavy duty 50 by ½ pivot bushing diameters.

So if that is what you are looking for, you can go ahead and purchase this particular snow plow as it will be of great use to you.

4. 50 inches DENALI ATV Snow Plow Kit Honda Rancher 420


It is a powerful tool which is efficient in handling snow, sand, and gravel. It made it to my list due to the construction material which is 11-gauge steel. This makes it be reliable and durable under the harshest weather conditions on various types of terrains.

Its blade has four integral 7 gauge ribs that run along its side to give it added support. When you buy the kit, it will come with additional tools such as push tubes, skid feet, and hardware which are important during installation.

It is a plow which can be mounted on any ATV that is center oriented, and it is treated so that, it doesn’t corrode and thus, you will be able to use it as long as you want without the fear corrosion.

Though during the installation, it takes time, this is not a problem since proper mounting will determine how effective the plow will be. And thus, you need to invest enough time to ensure that it is properly mounted and make it be easier when it comes to operating it, and allow for the maximum snow clearing ability.

5. Kolpin 17 – 5000 Switchable UTV Plow


If you are on a tight budget and yet you need a snow plow, then you can get this one. It is affordable. Made from heavy-duty steel, it is easy to assemble and it can easily fit on various types of ATVs.

My son ordered it for his 92 Honda Fourtrax 300 and it fits perfectly well. On arrival, it was easy to assemble it. It comes with a universal mounting plate and it works well with an ATV lift.

When I saw this plow in action, I liked it because of:

  • It has 5 position blade angle
  • It is a complete plow when you purchase it minus a winch
  • It is easy to assemble and come with a universal underbody mount
  • It operates on the stamped steel blade technology which is capable of adjusting to either 60 or 72 inches in width.
  • It has a robust square tube steel chassis which is placed strategically for reinforcements.
  • You will take less than an hour to assemble it
  • When you place it at a maximum blade angle position, its snow cutting widths are 54.3 inches and 65.1 inches for the 50 inches and the 72 inches blade widths respectively.
  • When not in use, it is compact and can easily fold and fit in the back of your vehicle for easy transportation.

6. Swisher 2645R 50 inch Plow Blade for ATV


If you are looking for a plow which is strong enough to outlast your ATV, this might just do the job. It fits all types of ATV setups easily. This means that you will not worry about shopping for the right fit for your particular ATV. Also, if you would want to be switching between ATVs, it will be easy to do so.

It comes with a 50-inch blade which is reinforced with 1/8 inch of steel to give it plenty of reach and power. In fact, its blade is so strong that, you can easily use it to move sand or gravel. The blade includes an angle selection which is unique in an arrangement on your plow to make it ready for the job. It also provides a double lock that offers extra security. With a locking system, it is possible to have 18 to 24-inch lift height when the snow is very thick.

While plow is able to fit a variety of ATV, it doesn’t come with a universal mount and thus, it will mean that you will have to look for another project to complement it.

Since the unit lays low it is easy for it to trip on unforeseen obstacles and thus, you will need to be careful when you are using it close to the ground to avoid injuring your ATV or yourself.

On the overall, I can confidently say that this plow is a solid one with plenty of interesting features and a wide blade. The 50-inch blade gives you a big coverage and it is strong enough for gravel or sand. It fits all ATVs and has a locking feature which is unique, giving it great customization.

7. Click nGo CNG 2 Snow Plow for UTV and ATV


With the double pivot on this particular plow, performance is enhanced. This even made better with the improvement in lift height, making it more supple and easy to use. I bought it last summer and it didn’t disappoint. When using the pedal, I found that I can easily deactivate the latch without the need for me to lean over and change the angle of the plow.

There is a handle which has been added on the plow to make it easy to handle. Apart from enhanced performance, the new quick system helps mount on the plow easily in the shortest time possible.

The main reasons why I decided to purchase this particular plow is:

  • It has a unique and innovative design
  • It comes with a universal mount plate
  • It is a compact plow system
  • Its maximum lift height over 16 inches
  • It is a wider plow bracing for more rigidity
  •  It is easy to handle
  • A higher blade pivot point making it be more efficient when in use
  • The pedal system enables you not to have to bend to handle the plow
  • It is easy to install.

ATV/UTV Snow Plow Buyer’s Guide

1. Types of Snow Plows

As a ground manager, the seasonal nature of ice and snow management could be the toughest responsibility that you are going to face in your line of duty. It is tough to invest in and be able to manage the equipment for whatever type of activity, but the toughest challenge comes when the work happens at times which is unpredictable.

Due to this challenge, you will have to way in factors such as equipment operation, specifications, and outsourcing as far as preparing a plan to handle this weather type which is considered to be one of the toughest.

When there is a strong winter storm, then it means that there will be a large amount of ice or snow resulting in long hours, equipment breakdowns, fatigue, and situations which are hazardous for occupants of and visitors to commercial and institutional facilities. When you add to it the desired level of service which most people expect, and as a manager, you will have to ensure that, the snow and ice are removed in a method which is efficient.

It will be critical for you to ensure that you match the workload to the machine type. You have to ready yourself for equipment failures. It is something worse to be stuck in the middle of a heavy snowstorm and especially if you end up losing part of the tools that you are using to get the job done.

Ice and snow removing equipment include pickup trucks, plows, compact equipment, and skid steers, front end loaders, all-terrain vehicles and other equipment which are large. The manufacturers of this equipments have made a lot of advances in the design and construction of plows in the recent past.

The following plows, if combined with proper techniques, will be able to bring to you greater efficiency to manage the operations of removing snow and ice.

  • Straight Plows: If you decide to use these types, you will need to ensure that, all passes away from the buildings and towards the perimeter.  This is in order to avoid angling the blade towards a building. When you do that, the snow will be able to be pushed far away from the house and other buildings.
  • Pushers/Box/Containment plows:  When you decide to buy this type, you will have to attach it according to the specifications from the manufacturer. As a snow pusher on a backhoe, load, compact utility or skid steer loader, this will enable you to move a lot of snow efficiently and quickly. The pushers have snow and they don’t create windrows, eliminating the need to have to repeat plowing in order to get rid of spills.
  • V-plows:  To make an initial breakthrough, you can use this type of plow. It is also effective when it comes to ice, hard packed snow, and deep drifts. When you are operating it, you can set the blade in a straight position or one that is angled for wide path or general tacking or plowing.  You can use the scoop position when you are doing the cleanup and easy snow carrying with minimum spilling.

When you utilize the lifting capabilities, you will be able to use the snow pushers to be able to stack large piles of snow. When you remove the snow pushers, you are left with a snow loader which is capable of loading trucks to move the snow away when the need arises.

2. Basic Components of an ATV Snow Plow

  • Manual Lift: It is normally attached to the push tubes and it utilizes leverages in order to lift and lower the blade of the plow. It requires at least 25 lbs of pressure for movement to be easy and this also helps in maintaining ground clearance, which is proper and ensuring that the snow is cleared from the blade.
  • Winch: It enables the plow blade to have more Powerlifting capacity
  • Power Lifts: You will be able to use this in cases where you don’t have a winch to ensure that the plow blade is raised up and down. It is normally hydraulic in nature.
  • Power blades rotators: It is a system which allows for angling of the blade of the plow from its seated position of the operator with the push button. It is hydraulic.
  • Wear bars: They act as shields, which prevent the blades from being able to wear out and reduce sounds which are normally irritating.
  • Blade markers: They are normally attached to the ends of the blade to determine the blade side location during movements which are tight.
  • Rubber plow flaps: It adds the plow blade surface height and assist in keeping the snow in a rolling forward motion, directly in front of the blade when the snow is plowed.
  • Plow wings/shields: It is normally usually best used to help in moving the snow in the direction which is desired and it is best in ensuring that the edges are kept in good condition.
  • Plow weight bars: You will get them attached to the plow blade top in order to add to the downward force, ensuring that it is able to dig deeper into the surface of the snow.

ATV Snow Plow Vs Snow Blower: Which is better?

Between the snow blower and ATV snow plows, each of them has its pros and cons and you will need to evaluate each separate and see which one will be good for your specific needs. Shoveling snow is hard work and it is only practical in areas which experience snow once or twice in a year. But for those areas where ice and snow are frequent, you will need to use a plow or blower for safe snow removal.

1. Snow Plow

This is an accessory which is normally affixed to a commercial vehicle front, ATV or UTV. You will be able to use it effectively to scoop and displace snow which has an angled blade, that is curved. If you are not sure whether to purchase a snow plow, you will have to consider the following pros and cons.


  • Speed: If you have connected it to the right vehicle, the snow plow will be able to effortlessly and quickly clear a lot of snow in the shortest time possible.
  • Capacity: For larger applications such as parking lots or driveways, the snow plow might be the right solution.
  • Reliability: When you use a snow plow, there is a little which will go wrong with the plow itself, and if you have attached it to an independent vehicle, you will be able to receive several years of service that is reliable.


  • Cost: When you decide to purchase a snow plow, know that it is an expensive investment in addition to the cost of the operation and the vehicle which will operate it.
  • Visibility: At the ground level, visibility will be reduced with an increased chance of damage or accident to the property or vehicle.
  • Space restrictions: During winter or off-season, you will require space to store the plow. Also, the nature of the equipment will put limitations on how you will be able to place the pile of snow that you will be removing.
  • Damage: Limited visibility, increased speed, and a motor which is powerful is likely to result in damage of structural components, lawn, vehicle, and surfaces such as loose stone or brick.
  • Limitation: The power and size of your snow plow might render it ineffective for clearing areas such as patio or deck, paths or sidewalks, and medium to short sized driveways.

2. Snow Blower

This is an independent unit which if you decide to purchase, you will have to guide it from behind. While you will find various models, makes, and features to choose from, but you should understand that the basic mechanics are the same. When you use it, the snow is normally removed from a designated surface using a spiral blade which is rotating, which it does by picking it up and propelling it out the side.


  • Size: Due to their compact size, they are easier when it comes to storage, and maneuvering in spaces which are tight.
  • Visibility: It's ground level access means that you will be able to see everything around and in front of you.
  • Safety: It has built-in safety and hands-on control features are safer for you as the user and your property too.
  • Efficiency: It will make it possible for you to work in smaller walkways and driveways


  • Exposure: When you are using it to clean your property, you are going to be exposed to elements which include freezing temperatures, cold wind, and falling snow.
  • Time: When you are clearing a larger area, there is a possibility of you taking a long time when you use a snow blower as compared to a snow plow.
  • Capacity: Single staged, smaller snow blowers are able to work well with fluffy and light snow. But when it comes to heavy snow and one that has a lot of moist, it might be difficult to use it due to the way they are designed and the lack of power. Three stages or two stage snow blowers are meant for heavier snow.
  • Depth: single staged snow blowers are best for snow of up to 6 inches and thus, if the snow is deeper, you will need to invest in a more expensive machine like a three or two stage snow blower.

Things to Consider When Buying an ATV Snow Plow

Blade Size: This is one of the first things that you will need to look out for when you are buying a snow plow. The blades for UTVs and ATVs are normally between 48 inches and 72 inches.  The best choice is to go for the largest blade which your machine will be able to handle. ATVs are normally lighter and thus, you will have to get a blade size of maximum 60 inches. But if you are using it on a UTV, then it can be able to accommodate up to the 72-inch blade.

Material: This is one of the most important specifications that you will have to consider because the composition of the snow plow is what makes it be effective.  Most of the plows in the market are made from steel, but the various steels make the difference when it comes to the performance of the plow.

Apart from stainless steel blades, you will find poly blades and mild steel blades. The poly blades are becoming popular due to the fact that the snow doesn’t stick to the blade in whatever condition, but you will need to remember that, they are a bit expensive.

Stainless steel blades might be an option for you if you are looking for a blade which doesn’t rust. But you will need to remember that, stainless steel can be damaged easily by debris and rocks. If you get the mild steel blade, it can also be a good option because it tends to be more durable and lasts long.

Weight: You will need to take a moment to look at the weight specifications when you are buying an ATV snow plow. Power and size of your vehicle will play a great role in what you will settle for. If your vehicle has a low cc, you don’t have to buy a heavy plow. You will have to apply common sense here. The weight of the plow doesn’t have to cause undue strain on the suspension or motor of your ATV

Width: This is the width of the blade and it is one of the most important considerations to make before going out in the market to purchase the ATV snow plow. The size and type of your UTV or ATV can be able to help in determining the snow plow kit that you should go for.

If your ATV has a width of 60 inches across or more, then you will need to get a snow blade which is between 60 inches and 70 inches. If you have a more standardized ATV which is no larger than a width of 50 inches or it is above 500cc, then the more common 50 inch to 55 inches model snow plow should be able to work for you.

Design: The plow blades which are straight have been in the market for long and they still seem to be a preferred option for some people. But there is the V designed which seems to be more efficient. It will allow you to be able to direct snow where you want it and it tends to be best when it comes to slicing through hard snow and ice. But when it comes to price, the V designs seem to be more expensive, but if you are planning to do a lot of plowing, then it might be a good investment.

The Lifting System

There are two different ways in which a truck is able to lift a plow on a vehicle: manual or automatic configuration. You should remember that the automatic design, though very convenient, they are expensive. It uses the winch system and thus, you don’t require any physical effort and thus much safer and easier to use.

The manual ones have a lift bar assembly which you will have to physically pull on the lift of the blade. Though it works, it requires some physical exertion, meaning, it is a potential safety hazard.

The Tire Size and Thread:  If you are going to add your plow to a UTV or ATV, then the type of tires you are able to place on your vehicle are going to make the difference in how effective it will be to remove the plow.

The stock tires which come with the ATV are okay, but you can get a great aftermarket choice which can have a better tread which is more effective and a bit larger. This will then give you a better purchase on the snow.

When the tires are in good condition, it provides the traction required to be able to plow the snow. It could be hard to determine the best tires for your ATV for plowing, however, if you get one that has an aggressive tread pattern, in regard to depth and size, it will be able to stop the wheels of the plow from sliding and slipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are ATV snow plows universal?

While most of the ATV snow plows on the market are able to fit a wide range of ATVs, you will need to ensure that, whatever version you are trying to purchase fits your particular model before you buy it.

Depending on the power and size of your ATV, you will also be required to purchase a narrower or wide plow blade to ensure that, you don’t lose the efficiency with a unit that is narrower, get stuck in snow or have to push back your ATV with a wide blade.  You will also need to be careful about the mechanism of mounting. Most kits of snow plow which attach to your ATV frame while others on the vehicle front.

2. How can I adjust the ATV snow plow?

Even if you are in a position to install the snow plow properly, there might be a need for you to perform various adjustments between various tasks or even when you are cleaning it. The most adjustment which is common is to change the blade angle to move snow more efficiently or be able to deposit it on just one side. 

This can be done by removing retaining pins or rotating tilt stops, tightening the bolts after hanging the angle. It is also possible for you to change the attack angle f the blade of the plow, or tighten or loosen the tension in the trip spring. You can be able to adjust the skids by removing or adding washers.

3. How to install ATV snow plow?


Having an ATV snow plow is practical and important if you have to clear off snow in your apartment. If you utilize the above guide that I have given to you, then you will be in a position to select the best ATV snow plow which money will be able to buy and which will meet your specific needs. Get to know the details of each one of them and decide on the best for yourself.  There is no one single ATV snow plow which is the best for everyone. My best ATV snow plow is Extreme Max 5500.5010 ATV Plow and this is because it has everything that I was looking for in an ATV snow plow.

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