9 Best Cooler/Coolbox in 2019

Are you planning to go for outdoor activities? Then ensure that you have one of the best ATV coolers along with you. It does not matter your destination. Whether you are going for some fun riding in the desert or a mud race, you will want to have some drinks and food with you and it has to be kept fresh during the time you are out on your trip.

Coolers for ATV are designed in such a way that, they will be able to withstand any rigors and you will be able to find a variety of them in the market. Before you settle for one, there are various considerations which you have to remember. It seems that coolers which are thicker tend to be stronger as compared to those which are standard and thus, can be able to keep your food for longer hours cool especially if you are in direct sun most of the time.

Here is a list of what I consider to be some of the best ATV coolers that you will be able to come across in the market.

Best Coolers/Cool boxes Reviews

  • This is one of the grades A coolers and that is why I included it here on my list of the best ATV coolers. This model is a 35 quartz with a tactical build which is super solid.  It is a unit which is super-insulated at the bottom with a rubber gasket, also on the lid and the sides. Due to that,  you are assured that you will have frozen ice for a longer period of time.
  • While some of the ice is going to melt, in a 95 degrees temperature, 6 days and in 75 degrees, up to 10 days. It is a cooler which will minimize and reduce the air which gets into the cooler. This means that all the heat is able to stay out while the cool air stays in. It has the ability to maintain temperatures for a longer period of time is something that you will likely like about it.
  • So if you are looking for a cooler for your truck bed or marine, this might be the best that you can get for yourself.



  • The latches and handles are just great
  • It has an airtight drain which is capable of draining a full tank in less than one minute
  • Easy to clean inside.
  • It has the ability to maintain temperatures
  • It is fully insulated
  • It is heavy for portability
    • This seems to be a great cooler which has good ice retention capabilities and at a price which is a bit cheaper. It has a nice latch system and a great design which performs just well. It is well rated on amazon which means that most users are satisfied with it.
    • It is a cooler which can retain ice for at least 8 days and thus, good for camping and hiking. Before you store your beverages, ensure that they are cool enough so that, they don’t make the ice to melt immediately. Remember that, this is a cooler and not a fridge.
    • It has molded handles, locking latches, and tie-down slots, lockable hasp, stainless steel bottle opener and rubber feet that are nonskid plus a drain plug which is leak-proof and a cup holder which is self-draining.



    • It keeps ice frozen for a longer period of time
    • Has a 70 quartz internal volume
    • Has over-molded carry handle for its portability
    • It has self-draining cup holders
    • It is made in the USA
    • It is heavy
    • I found out that this product lives up to its expectation. Its insulation performance is one that makes it be one of the serious coolers in the market. It has a 10 days capacity of holding ice which means that, you can comfortably use it when you are going for long camping vacations.
    • What makes its insulation perfect? The warmth is kept out by the 2-inch polyurethane while the cool air is kept in. Its lid gasket is made from grade materials which the refrigerator is made of and it has a base which is raised.
    • There is a four-inch lift off the floor of the base. This raising away of the base from the ground reduces the amount of heat.  The small surface area that they have is one of the things that is impressive with this particular cooler as it ensures that the feet don’t conduct warmth.
    • It has two wheels which are both heavily treaded and large. This makes the cooler to be equally happy on rough terrains as well as flat grounds.  When it is not being pulled, the wheels are normally raised from the ground by the feet. This is a great feature which prevents the cooler from sliding on the sloppy ground.
    • The handles are thick and reinforced and when not in use, they lay flat on the body which saves space as well as prevents it from being damaged when knocked at the back of your truck. When it is in use, the handles are extendable making them great for all types of height.
    • AT 80 quartz, this particular cooler is enough for family use while remaining portable.  It is a strong unit which will be able to take all the scrapes, knocks, and accidents that you encounter along the way on your trip. With stainless steel hardware, reinforced corners, and protection from the UV, this is a product which might just give you a long term service.
    • Other cool features of this great cooler include a built-in bottle opener, a fish ruler, and a hose attachable to the drain plug. In terms of price, it is one of the top ends but once you do the purchase, you will find out that, it might just be worth all the money you spend on it.



    • It has a 10 days ice retention
    • It has a refrigerator grade gasket
    • Has a lifetime guarantee
    • It is constructed to last
    • It has a built-in bottle opener and cup holders
    • It has ultraviolet protection
    One of the heaviest wheeled coolers in the market.
  • This is a rotomolded cooler which is one of the smallest that I have included in my list. So if you are looking for one of the best ATV coolers which are compact, this might just end up being your choice.
  • Due to its size, it can be advantageous in that, if you are not planning to be gone for long, then it could just serve you right. Its design ensures that you have longevity and durability in this cooler. It has thick walls which come with the ice chest, giving it great performance in retaining ice.
  • It comes with two ties down slots which makes it easier to carry it or move it as a backpack. This cooler is cheap in price yet quality. You could use it as travel coolers and they will be able to work well for you. It comes with a variety of bags to choose from.
  • There are a variety of choices to pick from soft-sided to hard-sided coolers. Apart from that, they have cooler bags which are quite appealing with an aesthetic which will not stop charming you.
  • It has a high ice retention meaning,  you will be able to keep your food and drinks cool for a longer period of time.
  • PROS


  • High ice retaining capacity
  • A variety of choices to pick from
  • It is a rotomolded cooler and thus long-lasting and durable
  • It is affordable
  • It is bear proof
    • Not easily portable due to heavyweight
    • If you are looking for a 45 qt ATV cooler, then you might as well choose this one. The first thing which I noticed about this particular cooler is that it has a design and built which is of high quality.
    • It is made from roto-molded construction which allows for great insulation and durability. You can carry it around using the indents which are built-in or the handles which are found on both sides of the cooler. Both handles are manageable to carry on their own even when the cooler is full.
    • I liked its latches as I found them to be really cool, working seamlessly which allows for simple and tight closure of the cooler. It is cooler, which has high ice retention, which can go up to 8 days. The price is just right for such a high-end cooler.



  • The construction that is roto molded
  • Integrated locking system
  • It has up to 3 inches insulated wall
  • It has non-slip feet
  • Has a rapid V-drain system
  • It has molded side handles
    • Drain plug small
    • If you are looking for an ATV cooler that has a capacity of 26 cans and an ice capacity of 35 lb then you could as well purchase this particular one. It is bigger in size and shape and can ensure that you store more cans of food, beverage, and ice.  So if it meets your specific needs, then go for it.
    • It is rectangular in shape which has an impact when it comes to packing and handling.  It is longer and lower providing the capacity to keep a family of 4 people catered for conveniently for 3 days.  It is a 25.5 inches in length,16 inches in height and with an empty weight of 22 lbs. It offers greater space but a little heavier.
    • If you are going for a long trip with no car, then the weight is something you would need to compare and contrast.it should be placed in the proper perspective of distance, needs, among other factors. It will all depend on your needs. If you think the extra space and weight on this particular cooler is not of use to you, then you can consider getting something small and lighter like the 35qt
    • This particular cooler might be of help when it comes to trips which are extended and long. If you are going for a day trip, then you don’t require high ice retention as compared to a 3 or 4-day trip. So your peculiar needs will dictate which cooler you will end up settling for.



    • It is indestructible due to the rotomolded construction
    • It combines durability and versatility to make it a great cooler
    • Heavy-duty rubber lid latches
    • It comes with a dry goods basket
    • It has a high ice retention
  • Expensive if you are on a budget
  • I decided to place this particular cooler on my list because of the many good features that it has. It has incredible insulation and toughness. It has a capacity of 55 pounds of ice and 45 cans of beer. This shows that it is a cooler with a construction which is robust that is capable of handling the weight.
  • For your information, this cooler is designed with walls, which are thick, which have two inches of insulation thus guaranteeing you of great ice retention. It has rotomolded construction which tends to be popular among high-end coolers. This means that it is constructed in a single body that is a hard break on impact. It is not susceptible to leakages since it doesn’t have seams due to the rotomolded construction. As you would expect on my top  ATVcoolers, in particular one has a lot of features which will enhance your experience.
  • It is equipped with NeverFail trademark hinge system which is characterized by two hinge pins which are very strong and a nice interlocking design. There is no need for you to worry about the hinges breaking.
  • Though it is a wheeled cooler it has  LipGrip handles which makes it easier for you to able to load it onto your truck.  It also comes with strong handles which you can use to haul it around. The handles are designed in such a way that you will feel comfortable, and thus,  your hands will not get bruises when you are rolling the color around.
  • You will also be able to notice the way the wheels have been constructed. They are durable and fairly large with the single-piece construction allowing them to be able to serve without the need to worry about punctures.
  • PROS


  • Sturdy arm handles
  • Roto molded construction
  • Ice retaining wall insulation
  • Fully molded anchor point mounting tie-downs
  • Lid insulation
  • No drain plug
  • I bought this particular cooler and I found it to be perfect for me when I go out for photo shooting.  During day time, it keeps my drinks and food cold using a single 7 lb ice bag in humid and very hot temperatures.
  • Its size is just perfect, not very large and not so small. It is a cooler which is medium-sized which can easily fit three packs, 2 gallons, and lunch together with a bottle of cheese and wine.
  • I have been using it for over three months now and I find it to be great. When it is raining, I put a small tarp over it to ensure that it is not rained on. It has a strong handle and thus, you will not have any problems handling it from one end to the next.
  • Being a USA product and with a great price, I feel I got good value for my money.
  • PROS


    • Easy storage and stacking due to the handles being foldable.
    • Lockable lid
    • The lid can hold cellphone  the media slot
    • Cooling performance improved by the cool riser technology
    • Molded loops on the lid
  • Doesn’t keep ice for long
  • If you happen to be an avid fisherman who is looking for cooler for camping, then this could be the one.  It is a cooler which can easily withstand fishing trips which are rugged and it comes with an integrated scale measuring tool.
  • They come in various sizes ranging from 50 qt to 150 qt and thus, becoming perfect if you want to hold your fish cold. It is a cooler which is travel convenient with a dual lid lock which will assure you of security.
  • You might love it due to its exceptional durability and features.  The duration which takes to retain ice is one which also makes it be a great option if you are going for long camping trips.
  • You will get conventional cooling with a rugged structure which is designed for the harsh environment. It is constructed for high demands of outdoor it will give you results while preserving exploits. Whatever extreme you will face, this cooler will be able to withstand it.
  • It has an antislip, dual handle which is reversible, and build in the wide handle which holds gloved hand which is large and at the same time, doubles as loops. It can be able to hold ice for about 7 to 14 days in temperatures of 90 degrees F, keeping your food and fish at a freeze.
  • Cooling performance is improved by the presence of cool riser technology and polyurethane insulation of 3 inches in cushion covers. This minimizes the surface contact, thereby allowing air to flow below. It is constructed with a rotomolded structure which makes the lockers indestructible.
  • It comes with durable but flexible fasteners with the finger clamps. The lid has a fish gauge and an anti-slip structure on the surface to help it to easily store your fish. Easy cleaning and drainage are provided by an oversized drainage button. For maximum security, it has a double lid which you will need to lock.
  • PROS


    • It utilizes cool riser technology
    • It is quite durable
    • It is travel  convenient and portable
    • Good ice retention
    • Drain plug which is oversized makes cleaning and drainage easier
    • It seems not to work on a 70 degrees temperature.
    • if you want a small and compact cooler, then this could be one of the best ATV coolers for you. It is a compact and small model which is perfect if you enjoy spending time in the wild.
    • Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, or a trekker, this is a model which might just fit you right. It is one which is large enough to fit some few drinks and a pack of lunch to use while you are away and small enough to be able to carry it comfortably.
    • It is strong and has a flat top which means that you can sit on while having a break. Its flat top will also allow you to be able to use it as a temporal table when the need arises. When it comes to its effectiveness, it is a model which able to keep drinks and food effectively cold up to 24 hours depending on the amount of ice that you store n it and how much temperature it is.



    • It offers 27 hours of coolness
    • Insulated body and lid
    • Adjustable tie-down
    • Durable fabrics
    • It is compact for easy portability.
    • You can not use it when you are many due to its compact size

    How to Choose good ATV coolers?

    1. Types of the cooler: 

    ​You will come across different types of coolers in the market and understanding them will be important to make you come up with an informed decision.  They include:

    • Collapsible or soft-sided coolers: This is designed for a day trip whereby you can carry them around due to their convenience. It has a lower cooling proficiency and it is not a design which is rigid or durable.
    • Electric coolers: It is a cooler which will be best for you if you prefer your food to be hot or cold through the use of power supply instead of utilizing ice. It is a well-insulated cooler and it has a capacity to either keep the food or drink hot or cold for a longer period of time. It can be able to keep the food intact for long hours after the light has gone off and you can easily monitor and set the temperature to your desired value.
    • Hard-sided coolers: It is best if you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves to keep food and beverages for a long time. It is the most common coolers which you will come across in the market and you will find them constructed from stainless steel or plastic.

    I prefer the stainless steel due to the fact that the metal one tends to absorb and retain heat for longer periods of time. When you are choosing the hard-sided coolers, you will have to ensure that, its lid is insulated with a seal which is tight.

    2. Capacity and Size of the cooler:

    After knowing the type of cooler that you will settle for, the size and capacity should be the next thing which you will need to consider. Its capacity will be the one which will determine how many things you will be able to carry in it and it is normally measured in quarts.

    You will have to first highlight the need for the cooler and the things which you intend to store in it due to the fact that, they are going to help you in making the final decision without too much regret.

    3. Material: 

    Depending on wall thickness, the size, and composition of the materials used to construct it, a high-end cooler has the capacity to keep the food cool for several days. Units which are larger tend to work better than the ones which are smaller due to the fact that, they have a greater overall volume. But the insulation which is provided by the material and the rubber edge usage around the lid will have to be factored in as well.Walls of the cooler need to be generally thick with up to 3 inches so that, the heat from outside will be prevented from entering inside and constructed from plastic materials which don’t have the same properties of heating conducting as you would find in metals which are used for the fridge.

    The ATV cooler incorporates some ideas from the construction of a fridge such as the rubber strip which at times surrounds the lid, to ensure a tight seal. This makes the warm atmosphere air not to be able to go through the ice.

    The amount of insulation which you will require will depend primarily upon your individual preferences for vacationing with a smaller ATV bag being able to provide 12 hours but proving itself convenient when you are on short vacations where there is no baggage required.

    4. Toughness:

    You have to remember that, an ATV cooler is not an icebox which could easily break under the high-speed stresses when you are offroading. It is something which is made to be extra durable. This makes it handle shock without the material having to give in.

    Both metal and plastic are used for its walls, which is an adequate solution. The new plastic material seems to be flexible and thus, it gives into vibrations and impact instead of breaking or bending.

    Steel is equally good in terms of toughness but you will have to supplement it with enough insulating materials which can be polyethylene due to its properties in regard to heat transmission. The hinges in most instances are made of steel, making them extra strong reinforced to be able to hold when under significant shock without the lead having to open.

    Its handles are mostly constructed from heavy-duty marine and military-grade nylon string, which makes it possible for the ATV cooler to mount well on the vehicle. If you get a cord which is strong enough to hold the military equipment then it will be able to do a great job.

    5. Portability and convenience:

    ​Convenience will come down to the size of the cooler which you will require. When it comes to transportation, large sizes are cumbersome and the ice with the cool drinks will give it additional weight.

    The volume is usually measured in quarts which are abbreviated as qt while some manufacturers prefer to put in the number of beer cans that it can be able to hold at once. Most common sizes are 12 and 24 cans which should be able to last you for a whole day if you are a regular drinker.

    When it comes to small units, they tend to have soft fabric walls which offer resistance to water and have anti-tear properties but you should not use this particular property to house glass bottles as they will not be able to offer any hard support.

    The soft bag or backpack style features handles and straps which you can utilize to transport easily and even be able to properly mount on an ATV for support. If you will be using it for a short period, then this could be very convenient for you.

    6. The price:

    Price is very important especially if you are on a tight budget. You will be able to pick an ATV cooler which will work well for you, within your specific budget.

    How to get the most out of your cooler?

    Regardless of how you are going to spend your time outdoors, there is no doubt that you will require a cooler for you day to day activities. And irrespective of the type of activities, when you have properly refrigerated food and drinks is very important.

    Here are some of the tips which will ensure that you get the most out of your cooler.

    Ensure that your drinks and food are cooled down beforehand: 

    Most people who use cooler place hot drinks in their coolers with the thinking that, the ice will be able to cool them and turn them into a very refreshing drink.

    If you want to get the most out of your cooler, you should buy the room temperature ahead of time so that, you place them in the fridge first before placing them in the cooler. In the process, this will make the ice in the cooler to last longer if the beverages are already cool which will make them remain cool during the length of your trip. If you are bringing along grilled meat, ensure to freeze them before you put them into the cooler. This will make them function well with extra ice and thus, help in keeping everything cold and crisp.

    Pre-chill the cooler: 

    Apart from your food and drinks, you will have to pre-chill your cooler. You can do this by either putting it in an environment which is cool like walk-in freezers, basement or garages or placing a few bags of ice for several hours before you load it. When you actually load the drinks and food, you will have to use fresh ice. But when you have a cold box to start with, then it will be able to minimize melt while at the same time, maximize your ice longevity.

    Load your items in chronological order: 

    ​When it comes to loading a cooler, ensure that you do some pre-planning for it to be successful especially if you are going for a long-distance trip.

    You will have to plan meals according to when you will consume them, then start packing the in a reverse order starting with the ones which you will consume last and the ones which you will consume early should be placed on top. The less you dig into your ice, the longer it is going to take for it to melt.

    When it comes to planning beverages, it is at times harder due to the fact that you will want to dig deeper into the ice to get one that is cooler. There is no chronological timeline when you are going to consume beverages. But you can decide to distribute your beverage so that you have several cans or bottles of each drink type on top, on the bottom and in the middle. With that style, your family or friends will find it easier to find what to drink no matter the timing.

    Load the ice as the last thing:

    When you are loading the cooler, ice should be the last thing to be placed in it. Load the drinks and beverages first and then on top of them, pour ice.  Cold air sinks and heat rises, and thus, ice will tend to be more effective when you place it on top of your stuff which should be at the bottom.

    Utilize various types of ice: 

    ​Using all cubed or all crushed ice is not the best way when it comes to managing your cooler. You should try to combine the various types of ice. The ice which is crushed tends to melt faster,  but at the same time, it will cool your drinks and food more efficiently and faster than the other types of ice.

    Big blocks or bags of cubed ice tend to reduce the surface area and thus, will take longer to melt. You should try to utilize both loose cubed ice and crushed ones to be able to cool your items then use blocked or bagged ice to insulate the cubed and crushed stuff and keep it from melting.

    Never leave your cooler in the sun: 

    ​Even if you have purchased the best cooler which is available in the market if you leave it in the sun, it will not be able to perform optimally. In case there is shade at your disposal, then you should keep your cooler in there.

    And if you happen to be in an area where there is no shade, pack sleeping bags, pack blankets, and towels on your cooler to make it insulated and assist it in retaining cold.  It is a great insulation method which is great in order to avoid melting of ice which is rapid and warming when it is left in the car.

    The lid should remain closed if possible: 

    ​Whenever you open your cooler, you allow air which is cool to escape and in the process, escalate the ice melting process. You should try to avoid several cooler trips to avoid opening the lid all the time. Take out drinks for everyone at once, get what you need to prepare for dinner at the same time.

    When you keep opening the cooler, though insignificant, but at the end of it all, those small moments will add up and melt your ice, warming your drinks and food.

    You shouldn’t drain the water quickly: 

    ​Just because you have noticed a lot of water in your cooler in place of ice should prompt you to drain the water. When there is a pool of ice-cold water, it might keep a bottle of soda, or any other beverage cold. You should be able to maximize the efficiency of your cooling by waiting up to the time the water becomes lukewarm for you to drain it.

    How to mount the ATV/UTV cooler?

    One thing that you have to consider when you pick out a cooler is how you are going to be able to attach it to your UTV or ATV. No matter what others tell you, you should never consider duct tape as an option.

    Here are what I consider to be the best ways to mount an ATV cooler:


    It might be the best fitting. Most manufacturers come up with specialty boxes which work with their specific coolers. This is very good considering that, you will not have to worry the set up not to fit well; too snug to get the cooler out and in or too loose to let the cooler bounce around.

    Your cooler will tend to be protected and thus, in case you are going through rough terrain, there will be no need to worry about the cooler being destroyed. Its price will depend on the size and company of manufacture.

    Its downside is that, due to the fact that it is specifically designed for a specific cooler, you will not be able to utilize it when you buy a new cooler.


    There are several coolers which are able to work with this particular mounting option. Its strong point is that it is mounting which is built into a cooler so you will easily latch it into your ATV with no extra mounting system. What it denotes is that you will make a single purchase and be able to start using your cooler instantly.

    Its downside is that in case of the system malfunctions, you will have to look for another way to mount the cooler.


    If you have several types of coolers that you are going to use, then it will be best to go for this particular mounting system. Though it tends to be expensive, it has a lot of versatility which is built into the design. At the end of it all, they are baskets which you can utilize to carry various things while you ride.

    If that is what you will opt for, ensure that, the basket is the right size for your specific cooler. The drawback of needing to have it securely mounted, and thus, hard to remove.

    • Tie Down Strap Kits 


    You can just use the ratchet tie-downs to carry your ATV cooler. If you don’t have, then you can purchase one which is normally found at less than $20. You can utilize them for just anything which might be in your favor.

    You will easily detach the cooler quickly and then you go ahead and strap down your camping gear or tools based on what will be on your next trip. One of its downsides is that, in most setups, it might be hard for you to open your cooler without having to undo the straps.

    Which are popular ATV cooler brands?


    • It is the most famous brand of cooler said to hold the highest standards and which is the most trustworthy by many consumers. Their most tough and well insulating brand of Tundra is said to be one of the best heavy-duty coolers.
    • When it comes to budget-friendly, they are not the best on the market with some of the money just paying for a brand and not quality. They have come up with a new carry bag which is convenient and styled in a soft case. They are in a position to hold several cans of beers in good condition.


    • This is another premium manufacturer which offers a lot of convenience features with several innovations. They have a series, the flagship series which features an integrated drainage system, four tumbler holsters, bottle opener and fish ruler with markings in both centimeters and inches.
    • You will find a variety of them which are manufactured in the United States of America under high standards of manufacturing. Compared to the Yeti brands, they tend to be a bit cheaper but still pricey. Another thing which makes this particular brand to be unique is their look which is unusual, they look like military cans with orange, gray and tan regularly used as colors.


    • It is designed to be an affordable cooler which tends to offer the same functionality as the other bigger brands. They don’t sacrifice quality, keeping a big following of users many of who claim that it is affordable and well functioning.
    • Due to the trust, they have in their products, they used to give a 7-year warranty on it. But it was reduced in 2016 to a mere 30 days in which period, a customer can get a refund. This disappointed most of their customers.


    When you ride on your UTV or ATV, it should be fun and it should be an activity that you always look forward to. You will want to focus on what matters most which is the ride. You don’t want to keep on worrying about the food and drink storage to keep them cool. And this is the main reason why you should invest in one of the best ATV coolers to sort you out.  

    When that is done, you will be sure that your ride will be secured, safe, and to topple it all, have refreshments which are safe irrespective of where you are. With the above reviews, you can be able to choose a quality cooler for your fishing, camping, or outdoor need. Whatever product you are going to choose from my list above, it will do the job for you,  and thus, you will be able to get a cooler that is qualified to make sure that your drinks and food cold as long as you want.

    The Pelican Elite Coolers which has Wheels is what I consider to be the best because of the features that it has. It has a 10 days ice retention, has a refrigerator grade gasket, has a lifetime guarantee, it is constructed to last, it has a built-in bottle opener and cup holders and it also boasts of ha

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