Best ATV Sprayers for 2019 – Top 7 brands you should buy

Your gaze falls upon your garden, admiring the fresh blooms and the surrounding greenery. All of a sudden out of the corner of your eye, you see some unsightly weeds happily blending in and you have that feeling that you want to get rid of them immediately but you dread the summer heat and working long hours out in the sun when you could just be sitting back and relaxing. You think to yourself, how do I get rid of those weeds effectively and get the job done without much effort? Then you remembered an ad you watched off the television about ATV sprayers. But how do you even know what type do you want and for what specific need? Folks, today we will be dealing with the nitty-gritty of this wonderful product and all there is to know. Read on.

Firstly, what are ATV sprayers?

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) sprayers work as an aid to spray chemical-infused water (think pesticides, herbicides) to your farm, lawn, and garden. This is a good solution for getting rid of your weed problem at a fraction of time as this covers a significant area compared to conventional backpack sprays. From assembly, setup, to the actual spraying and eventual storage, ATV sprayers are would always be a good choice if you want to do farming or clearing off an area for landscaping purposes, quickly, and efficiently.

Should I use one?

If the area you want to spray on is just a small spot in your backyard, then you're better off using a backpack spray. Otherwise, you need to invest in an ATV sprayer to lessen the time and get the job done immediately. This is ideal for large areas because of its capacity to hold the liquids without the need for constant refilling and you get to cover wide areas with minimal effort and time spent. Just mount this at the back of your ATV, secure it with the assembly locks, ride on, and fire away, I mean spray away!

Here are popular ATV sprayers out in the market with brief descriptions, advantages, and a few disadvantages you should be aware of.

Top 7 Best ATV/UTV Sprayer Reviews

I was able to get my hands on most of these sprayers so I got a feel of what works for me based on what I want to happen. You can use this as a reference but then again, your experience on the product is all that matters. Check the following out:

First off the list is the TCS15 Spot Sprayer. This is best intended for lawn and garden maintenance at a large scale. Just mount it at the back of your ATV and connect it to its 12V battery and use the built-in hand spray attached to a 15-foot hose. With a humble pressure rate of 60 PSI and a spray rate of 1 GPM, one will feel not overwhelmed but satisfied that this gets the job done. The tank is adequate at 15 gallons and has a drain plug which makes cleaning less of a hassle. The product bears the name spot sprayer because aside from its 12-foot long hose, the attached wand has a thumb control spray for more precise and isolated spraying.



  • Affordable
  • Portable, it fits snugly on ATVs and tractors
  • Adequate 15-gallon storage capacity
  • Long Hose
  • Thumb control spray wand for precise spot spraying
  • The connections (screws and caps) could come loose and need to be tightened/re-tightened
  • Affordable could mean materials used in the manufacturing are not that durable
  • Economical, compact, and gets the job done, the Ironton is not be taken lightly.  At 8 gallon capacity and 1GPM, the sprayer does a good job of light to moderate spraying needs. Equipped with a decent spray gun nozzle, it has the capacity to stream 12 feet vertically (good for bushes, roof vines, and short trees) and 20 feet horizontally (for wide reach).  The pump wand works wonders in hard to reach areas and I've never had any problems with close areas that need to be sprayed, most especially around the corners of my lawn and the perimeter fencing.



  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight at its 8-gallon storage capacity
  • Tank is UV-resistant and can withstand any chemical, including RoundUp
  • Spray gun features a cone or stream option
  • Great for homeowners and first time ATV sprayer users
  • Product has an unclear warranty
  • Not ideal for large scale field jobs
  • 3. Chapin 97300 15-Gallon 12v Deluxe Dripless EZ mount ATV Spot Sprayer

    I was pleased with the capacity and the power that the spray has, not overwhelming, but it did a marvelous job in getting to 26 feet vertically and 30 feet horizontally. I do love the long 15-foot hose as it makes it easy to maneuver and control the spray. The fact that it has a 15-gallon tank means that I don't need to refill that often, and even better, the 5-inch opening is wide enough for ease of filling and mixing. It boasts a 2.0 GPM spray rate at 60 PSI pressure which is enough for me to cover a good area in my lawn, not to mention how solid the brass wand and tip was. What sets the spray apart from the rest is besides the fact that it was manufactured with dripless sprayer technology, it was also built with a double filtration system for prolonged equipment use. I'm happy with this sprayer for the most part and it did not fail my expectations, as it cut my work time in half compared to conventional sprayers that I used.



  • Dripless spray for the win!
  • Works with any standard ATV, UTV, or tractor
  • Large capacity tank with a 5-inch opening for trouble-free filling and mixing
  • Double filtration system
  • Good build and quality
  • Pump area leaks at several fittings
  • Set at 80 PSI, 1GPM spray power, and a self-priming diaphragm pump, this sprayer packs a wallop. One really good feature that you can look forward to is that it has a built-in water inlet filter that effectively sifts any impurities that could clog and eventually damage the pump. I found the hose to be rather long, at 6 meters in length, this was more than what I need. I can't complain though as the quality of the hose is good. The wand could use some redesigning though, because when I tried to increase the pressure, it somehow got forcibly removed. Not a major issue for me though as it does snap back snugly and I could interchange a different hose assembly when the need calls for it. Upon continuous usage, I found the spray to be fairly good and it made my gardening all that enjoyable. I just popped it in at the back of my ATV, strapped it with all the assembly provided and I was off spraying like a madman.

    This is ideal for those who are looking for a good and affordable sprayer, as a startup or as a replacement. I even endorsed this to a workmate who had a nasty growth of weeds surrounding his house and he was, like me, really happy about how quick and less of a trouble it was to get the job completed. Worth the money I paid for and from the looks of it, this is going to stay long in my shed because of its quality.



    • Affordable
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Santroprene self-priming diaphragm and Viton valves for reliability and longevity
    • Good build and quality
    •  4-year warranty for all Seaflo products
  • Wand tip comes off at high pressures
  • When it comes to finding a decent ATV sprayer that is lightweight and reasonably priced, the BE AGRIease sprayer is a solid recommendation. A modest 1 GPM spray rate and a 15-gallon conventional tank is adequate for anyone who wishes to get into ATV spraying for their farm and lawn maintenance. Easy to set up and operate, the sprayer is quite straightforward and is ideal for beginners who do not want to get into the trouble of doing research and just want to have a go at it right away. 15 gallons may seem much but one good thing is that you can have the tank filled with less than its capacity and still have the whole unit running fine. It is built with a drain as well for you to empty out any liquid that is not used. What's even better is that the wand can be set to spray continuously, and not keep your fingers on the trigger all the time. The product has been tested to withstand prolonged use and is definitely a contender in terms of durability. Should there be a need to have any parts replaced, the spares are easy to come by thereby not hampering the usage.



  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Reasonably priced
  • Spare parts are easy to acquire
  • Tank drain for easy emptying
  • Durable
  • Pump issues
  • This sprayer was by far, the one I've used for the longest time. Garden and lawn maintenance does not seem like a task anymore because of the convenience this equipment brings. Started with mounting the sprayer at the back of my Rhino and connected it to a 12-volt battery, filled the plastic tank with water, and did a test spray. Worked brilliantly! Quite amazed that spraying tight to get spots on my garden fencing was not a hassle anymore. Price is relatively cheaper compared to other commercial sprayers in the market; you'll get good value for what you pay for. It's easy to set up and equally easy to store, as it does not take up a lot of space. Another good feature of this product is that you can use it to spray vertically, for low hanging foliage in your garden. You can even switch up to a different hose attachment should the need require. The only minor annoyance that I got was that you need to tighten connections from the locks to the caps as there is a possibility of leaking, most especially in the tank. Overall, this is a great startup sprayer and one that you would definitely find yourself enjoying most of your garden work with.



  • Works with any standard ATV, UTV, or tractor
  • Corrosion resistant tank with good storage capacity
  • Easy tank draining
  • Adjustable pressure range of about 35 PSI
  • Long and comfortable hose
    • Pump does not have a shut-off switch

    Enter the boomless sprayer. This product comes from Fimco which is a well-established manufacturer of sprayers and related equipment. If you're new to boomless spraying, this could definitely set you off on the right foot. Not recommended for beginners though as this has a hefty price tag.

    The product is built with a spray rate of 3.8 GPM, unlike conventional sprayers, and has a pressure rate of 45 PSI. This powerful sprayer is capable of reaching 26 feet vertically and 35 feet horizontally. With a 15 feet hose and adjustable cone, this will get your spraying needs done in a breeze.



  • Boomless spraying capability
  • Adjustable cone pressure
  • Excellent GPM
  • Colorized spray tips
  • Product has a long warranty
  • Expensive
  • Pressure rate is only 45 PSI despite the good GPM
  • Now that I've decided to go for it, how do I pick the best ATV sprayer for myself?

    There are a couple of things worth considering as this is not something you could just pick up from a shelf and read the description.  I'm here to help you with this decision-making moment and save you the trouble of picking the wrong item, or an incomplete one.

    Tank Capacity

    When choosing your ATV sprayer, the first thing that comes to mind is the area that you need to work on. Let's say you have a relatively large garden and you only got a small plastic sprinkler. Sounds like a lot of work, right? The tank capacity will direct how many times you should refill. By logic, a small area will not necessarily need a sprayer with a large tank capacity whereas a large area will need a really big tank for better coverage to avoid constant refillings.

    Power Supply

    Generally, ATVs run on a 12 -volt battery and the sprayers are designed to work well with those. Not really much to consider but still, you have to check if the sprayer you are about to purchase is compatible with your ATV's battery voltage, otherwise, you'll go into the trouble of potentially damaging both your sprayer and your ATV's battery components.

    Flow Rate

    Flow rate will determine the speed at which the fluids leave the nozzle. Need to have the fluids discharged faster? Go for a higher flow rate. Need to have the fluids discharged in a normal steady stream? Then go for a standard flow rate.

    Flow rate or spray rate is measured through the unit of GPM or gallons per minute. A higher GPM will mean the tank empties out fairly quickly. So put this on the list for consideration.

    Spray Height

    Spray height will dictate how far the spray reaches the area you intend to spray on. The height is also determined by how powerful the sprayer is. Typical spray height is 15 feet vertically, which is useful for low hanging foliage, short trees, and roof plants. A standard spray reach is 30 feet horizontally and is good enough for covering a sizable area.


    Coming from different manufacturers, ATV sprayers will differ vastly when it comes to the materials used. It goes without saying that good quality materials will predict reliability and the need for future replacements.  When choosing the materials for your sprayer, it is important to consider the build and the durability if you want to have a sprayer that you can use through the years.

    Tanks differ significantly across ATV sprayers. Translucent tanks, while beneficial because you get to see the contents, are a breeding ground for algae that could tamper the quality of your liquids and could clog the pump and assemblage. There are UV protected tanks too, that could combat this problem. It is recommended that you go for a tank that is resistant to corrosion and could handle different chemicals (including RoundUp) to suit differing spray needs.

    Spray Pattern

    Cone or Stream – that is the question. The standard spray pattern is a stream, perfect for targeted spot spraying as this does a good job in reaching specific areas. The cone spray pattern is more of a mist output, covering wide areas with little droplets. You may use a hose attachment for easy maneuverability regardless of the spray pattern selected. An adjustable nozzle is also essential, should you wish to alternate between the two spraying patterns.

    Boom Options

    • Steel boom.  The standard and the highly popular type of spray attachment. With steel fixtures, you are assured of the durability of the sprayer when subjected to high pressures. More so, breakaway steel booms when you hit a rough terrain spot or obstructed area, can just snap back into place.
    • Poly boom. Again, good for rough terrain spots, areas with protruded surfaces, tree stumps, and what not. Poly booms do a good job of snapping into the original position and not taking any damage from the impact.
    • Versatile boom. Versatile booms are good for small space areas but will require large spraying performance. For example, while the Enduraplas sprayer has a fixed width of 4 feet, it has a spray pattern that is capable of a 16-foot swath. Moreover, it is equipped with clever shut-off valves inside the nozzles that give you different spray patterns as needed.

    Benefits of using ATV Sprayers

    Convenience!  Convenience! Convenience!

    Why did we go through all these if we're not up for making your life easier in terms of lawn and garden maintenance? Truly, ATV sprayers offer a convenient way of getting your spraying job done. From portability, ease of operating, and coverage these sprayers will outshine the conventional backpack sprays. Think about just sitting at your ATV and driving around your lawn while taking in the scenery and fresh air. Now think about bearing the weight of the backpack spray and treading on the entire acreage. More likely, one would go for the first option if the area is relatively large. Just pop it in the back of the ATV, concoct your preferred liquids, secure with the assembly locks, and drive off. Now that is convenience and portability in one! And let's not forget how easy this is to use. Long hoses, wand sprays, and adjustable nozzles will get the spraying job completed. With a few modifications and assembly upgrades, you can fine tune your spraying experience to match what you want to happen and how you would like it to happen. If you get to try boom sprays then you might want to take a leap to boomless sprays and see a whole lot of difference.

    Final Verdict

    ATV Sprayer selection is highly a matter of preference. With a plethora of farming and gardening equipment out in the market, the ATV spray would be a good addition to your toolshed if you have a large area and would like to accomplish the task effectively. All the above mentioned products come from reputable companies and each sprayer will probably boast a feature that is a cut from the rest. I would give my highest recommendation for the Seaflo ATV Spot Sprayer. The product has all the essential features of an ATV sprayer plus a few perks on its own. With an 80 PSI and 1 GPM setting, this is one strong contender that promises good performance. The fact that it can be easily modified for your changing spray needs is also a bonus. It has a 4-year warranty as well, which is a standard for all the Seaflo products. Great for beginners and experienced users alike, Seaflo will make your lawning and gardening not a chore anymore but more of an enjoyable task.

    And there you have it, a concise review of the best ATV sprayers in the market. Be sure to check out the in-depth product descriptions on the links provided to aid you in your selection. So wait no longer and get those nasty weeds out of the way. You'll find it a good move that you switched to ATV sprayers and soon find this is a necessary step for your current farming and gardening needs.

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