Best ATV/UTV Helmets to Purchase in 2020

Looking for a ATV helmet? Though helmets tend to look simple, they do protect your head from the elements and at times, from asphalt. You need to know that, there is much to a helmet to qualify it to be good than what meets the eyes. If you are smart, the first thing you should get when you are planning to ride a motorcycle for the first time is to get yourself a quality helmet.

A good ATV helmet is going to protect you from rain, wind, snow, noise pollution, and road debris. It will prevent you from getting heck, ear eaches, and with the modern helmet, you can be able to stream music and get GPS navigation. Modern helmets tend to be safer, lighter and with a variety of features as compared to what was in the market 10 years ago. They are made from advanced materials including carbon fiber, face shields have improved optics and have a lot of new safety mechanisms which include multi-directional impact protection systems which utilize computer-assisted design.

Best ATV/UTV Helmets Reviews

This is a ATV helmet which is designed to ensure that, as you ride, you are kept cool. It has advanced ventilation channels which are responsible for keeping you cool, together with a moisture-wicking interior liner for backup. It comes with pinlock ready face shield.
There is also a pinlock lens to ensure that you get a fog-free ride experience. The replacement shields are available in various colors of the metallic or transparent rainbow meaning, you can match your mindset or your bike.
This helmet features a composite shell which is constructed from an advanced polycarbonate material which is lightweight. It features a comfortable and superior fit by using CAD technology.
The pin lock ready face shield is anti-scratch and it features a 3D design which offers UV protection. You will get an ultra-secure seal through the side face shield lock mechanism.  Installation of the face shield is ultra quick without tools due to the availability of the Rapid Fire shield replacement system.



  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to install the face shield
  • Full front to back airflow through the ACS which flushes humidity and heat up and out
  • Integrated air deflector
  • Complies with the SNELL and DOT standards
  • 3 years manufacturers warranty
    • Not well packaged for shipping

    2. AHR DOT Outdoor Adult Full Face Helmet
    Though cheap in price, this particular helmet tends to be one of the best helmets in the market. It is constructed from high-quality ASB materials to give it a lightweight feel while at the same time, providing enough protection and safety.
    It is a helmet which meets the DOT approved standards in terms of safety, which should give you the confidence to purchase it. This means that, in case of an accident, you will be fully protected from the impact of the crash.
    Another good thing that I found out about this particular helmet is that the ASB material which is constructed from makes it very comfortable. You will not feel as if you are having excess weight on your head and it is complemented with a soft liner.
    It is well padded and its ventilation system provides a nice airflow to prevent you from feeling like you have a sweatbox over your head. It comes with ear pads which are removable which you can remove and wash. This means that you will be able to keep the helmet hygienically clean.
    This helmet is great for outdoor use and it will give you that protection you need in case something hits your head. The only downside is that it is only available in three sizes: extra large, large, and medium. The manufacturer provides good measuring instructions, but you might struggle to get your correct size.



    • It is lightweight
    • Made from ASB quality material
    • DOT approved
    • Well added and good ventilation
    • Easy to maintain hygiene as you can remove pads and clean them
    • Only available in three sizes

    When you are looking for the best comfort when you are riding, then this might just serve the purpose. It tends to be a high-quality product that is comfortable due to the presence of an interior which is cushioned with paddings. It will be able to offer you with comfort as you ride.

    You will be able to get it in different colors and thus, you can get your favorite color or one that matches with your ATV. Apart from that, it is lightweight and made from durable thermoplastic alloy shell and that is what offers the protection as you ride.

    In case you get involved in an accident, your head is likely to remain safe. It has a glossy finish which makes it look attractive. It is a modular type of helmet which features a more reliable eyeport seal, an excellent drop-down day star visor, and a chin hanging.



    • Has washable fillings
    • A UV safe finish
    • Beautiful glossy
    • It is durable
    • A suitable interior
    • Only available in three sizes

    4. Triangle Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

    In case you are on a budget and yet need a quality helmet, then this could work for you. it is a DOT certified helmet which will be able to add style to your collection of ATV accessories.  It is a full face helmet which comes in four colors to pick from. Its outer shell is constructed from advanced ABS, consisting of high-quality thermoplastic technology which is likely going to resist impacts and in the process, protect your head.

    The cause of many fatalities with motorcycles has been damage to the brain and which this helmet will be able to protect. Apart from having a sturdy shell on the outside, its inside is made of multi-density EPS lining that will bring comfort to you especially if you are doing long rides. In addition, cut padding which is constructed from the soft laser will be able to offer dry comfort, giving you the option of hygienic treatment which is great when it comes to maintaining the helmet.

    The removable DVS treatment and PC anti-scratch come with a change of mechanism system which makes it easy for you to maintain the helmet. To ensure that you have proper airflow, the system for ventilation is installed both at the rear and in front when you are doing long rides, the air remains fresh. It also has a padded chin strap that has a micrometric closure which helps in ensuring that the helmet is fastened tightly on your head.



    • It has antibacterial liners
    • Advanced ABS shell
    • Ventilation system
    • Full face and thus great protection
    • DOT certified
    The sun visor does not go all the way down

    5. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet Flip up Dual Visor Sun Shield

    Be safe on the road by ensuring that you put on a helmet and this could be one of the best to buy. It is DOT approved and has a modular flip-up visor which will easily open and close at will. You will have benefits of both a full face and open face helmet placed into .one.

    It has an inner smoked lens and an outer shield which is transparent to be able to protect your eyes from wind and the sun glare while at the same time, ensuring that you have a clear view.

    Inside this particular helmet, it is comfortable as it has a cushioned lining which is removable for washing and thus, you will be able to maintain the cleanliness. You will be able to get it in various colors and sizes to enable you to pick your right size and preferred color.



  • UV protection finish
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • It is heavily cushioned for comfort
  • It is removable and washable
  • A dual lens design
  • DOT approved
    • Inconsistent latching

    6. 1Storm Modular Helmet with Flip Up and Full Face

    If you are looking for a modular design helmet, then this could be the right one to purchase. When you are riding it, you will have the privilege of using it as a full faced helmet or half. This means that, when you stop maybe to talk to someone or have a bite, you don’t have to remove the entire helmet.

    To differentiate it from other helmets, it has the right choice of materials. It is constructed from a thermoplastic alloy which is well known for being able to withstand impact while at the same time, remaining lightweight.

    Its visor is designed in a great manner which gives it a unique appeal. Apart from that,  has a finish which is UV protective which will be able to give your eyes the much-needed protection that it needs especially when the sun is hot.

    The interior padding is great in providing cushioning with pads which can easily be removed and washed when the need arises. This makes it easy to maintain hygiene and thus, no foul odor and the growth of bacteria.



    • Fits securely
    • Water doesn’t penetrate
    • Flip-up design
    • Reasonable price
    • Sturdy construction
    • Matte easily fades
    • Lack tint for the visor

    7. ILM 8 Colors Motorcycle Modular Flip-up Dual Visor Helmet DOT

    If this will be your choice of ATV helmet, then you will be able to enjoy a lot of features. It is a helmet which is DOT certified which means that it meets the required safety standards. The shell is made from advanced ABS material which is lightweight and with a liner that is EPS impact absorption protected. This means that, in the event of an accident, your head is protected. The cheek/liner pads which come with the helmet can be removed easily and washed making it easy to take care of it.

    As it is available in 8 different colors, you have an option of picking one according to your preference. It also has a modular flip function, anti-fog, anti-scratch, and a wide view clear visor which will enable you to keep the focus on the road. With a lightweight and sleek design, which reduces noise, it makes this helmet to be one of the best helmets in the market.

    On the downside, it might be too light to fulfill its protective duty with padding which is very thin adding to your having a flimsy feel.



    • Sturdy ABS material
    • Cool music from the Bluetooth device
    • The inner liner is impact absorption EPS
    • Anti-scratch flip-up function
    • Visor offers a wide view and anti-fog
    • It is expensive

    8. ILM 10 Colors Motorcycle Flip up Modular Helmet DOT

    As you are in the market searching for the best ATV helmet, this could one of the options you could settle for.  it tends to be stylish and offers several features.  Its cost compared to what it will offer you is worth.

    One of the reasons why  I included it on my list is due to the fact that it has a convertible design thereby offering versatility. You have the option of using it as a full face helmet for maximum protection or as an open face if you want more ventilation and to feel the breeze as you ride.

    It is a design which is optimized to reduce wind noise penetration. Even when you are riding at a high speed,  you will be assured of a quiet ride without any bother from the winds. It comes with EPS impact absorption inner liner which ensures that you are safe and it will absorb the shock in case you are involved in a crash.

    You are also going to enjoy a wide view with this helmet due to the quality of its visor which is clear and you can easily flip it.



    • A stylish design
    • Has a quick release latch
    • Well designed visors
    • Minimal graphics
    • Economical in price
    • At times it has a foul chemical-like smell

    9. ILM Full Face Helmet With 2 Visors
    When selecting a helmet, one of the most important features that you need to consider is the visor. So if that is what you really value on a helmet, then this particular one has two of them. it has the clear smoked and the neck scarf which you can use during winter.

    It is also available in various size and thus, at least you will get a size which will offer you a good fit. There are small, large and medium sizes. It is a good helmet to consider buying to keep safe when you are riding. Since it features the inner linings which removable, it will be easy for you to maintain the hygiene of the helmet through regular washes.

    The lining pads will also ensure that you remain safe as they can be easily released and strapped, making it an ergonomic helmet.  So if you are on a budget and still want to have a helmet that will be able to protect you, this sleek, aerodynamic design that features a modular flip-up visor will do the job for you.



    • Available in various colors
    • Has easily removable chin pads
    • Quick release chin straps
    • Anti-fog, scratch resistant one button flip-up double visor system
    • Adaptable to Bluetooth sound system
    • Size not always accurate
    • When new it has a plastic petroleum odor smell

    10. ILM Modular Full Face Helmet Lights
    It has one-touch control for making calls, answering, rejecting incoming calls and being able to redial. The incoming calls are able to override music, intercom, GPS navigation, and FM radio audio.

    It has soft inner pads to ensure that apart from comfort, you have stability. The pads are removable and washable which means that you are going to have a clean helmet all the time. Although tight and fully padded, it has good airflow.

    It meets the DOT safety standards meaning that you will be offered with maximum protection. The noise suppression and noise cancellation features will be able to offer you a high-quality voice even when you are at high speed.

    It has one-touch control for making calls, answering, rejecting incoming calls and being able to redial. The incoming calls are able to override music, intercom, GPS navigation, and FM radio audio. 



    • It meets ECE and DOT requirements
    • One touch control
    • Modular flip up function
    • LED function
    • Pads are removable for washing
    • Expensive

    How To Choose Quality ATV Helmets

    When you are out buying a helmet, it is just like buying anything else and thus, there are things that you will have to consider. If you are a person who enjoys the latest technological trends, then you will tend to go for a helmet which has some aspects of technology including integrated communication system. If you are a traditional biker, then you want to concentrate on getting a helmet with basic features.

    Here are some of the things that I think you should consider:

    1. Size: 

    This is a part which most inexperienced motorcyclists will get it wrong. You might end up spending a lot of money on a helmet with the necessary features that you want to have, but at the end of the day, choose one which is either too large or too small. If a helmet is small, it will be extremely uncomfortable and will give you a lot of headaches while those which are larger will move around on your head, not giving you the protection that you so much require.

    A helmet manufacturer who is considerate will give you instructions on choosing the right size for yourself and you will need to follow the instructions well. A brand new helmet should be a bit tight and if that is what you feel with your helmet, don’t panic and go for a size which is larger. This is normally due to the fact that the liners on the inside are going to compress and with time, the helmet will fit snugly.

    If you end up with a larger helmet, then it will be able to fit comfortably at the beginning but with time, it will become loose. The shape of your head is also very important and you will find it documented by the major helmet manufacturers and thus, you will need to adhere to it.

    2. Helmet Weight:  

    If you are a rider, you might want to place great emphasis on the weight of your helmet. When a helmet is light, the less power it will transfer in case of an impact. It is also more comfortable and enjoyable to wear especially if you are going for long rides.

    The weight of the helmets ranges from 1400 grams to 1800 grams. The important key to weight is a helmet which is well fitting so that its burden is sent lightly around your shoulders and head. You need to have a helmet which is able to suit your body type and your neck’s ability. Since if you have the wrong weight on the helmet, it might end up causing neck pain and even seriously, neck injury when you have longer rides.

    If gravity center is off a helmet which is lighter, can feel stress and heavier on your neck. Compared with a full face helmet, the modular helmet tends to weigh more due to the equipment established to be able to ensure that the visor is flipped up.

    3. Materials used in the shell: 

    The helmet is affected by a lot of things due to the helmet shell materials which is not limited to weight. It is likely going to affect the level of protection rating and comfort. Most helmets are made of one or more of the material below: Fiberglass composite, polycarbonate, and carbon fiber. They combine with a layer of polystyrene foam which expands.

    • EPS: It is densely compressed fabric foam into an absorbing internal shell
    • Polycarbonate: It is less expensive and it flexes as it absorbs electricity
    • Fiberglass composite: Crushes, flexes and splits due to the fact that it absorbs electricity. This type can be expensive at times.
    • Carbon fiber: It is expensive and lighter and normally upon impact, distributes power

    4. Innovative technologies: 

    When it comes to innovation and technology, it is easy for you to think about helmets which have Bluetooth or any other wireless speaker interfaces. But there is one innovation which you will need to keep in mind when thinking of technologies which are, MIPS. It is a synonym for multidirectional impact protection system.

    This is a system which is designed to ensure that your brain is protected against any impact which might be caused by rotational motion. It will help in reducing the risk of severe or minor brain damage by redirecting and absorbing impact force which can be risky to the brain during an accident.

    5. Safety rating

    This should be the main concern when you are purchasing a helmet. Ensure that the helmet is certified by DOT. If you get one which has a Snell certification, then that will be an added advantage. This will mean that your helmet will be in a position to withstand the forces that you will encounter in case of a crash and ensure that you are well protected.  The following are the standard ratings for helmets on different aspects:

  • DOT: Denoting the department of transportation, which has strict requirements about the safety of the helmets for motorcyclists and requires intense testing done on helmets for it to earn the sticker.
  • SNELL: It has been an aggressive tester when it comes to helmets, with many riders taking it to be the golden certification for helmets.
  • ECE: Denotes, economic commission for Europe standards, which is used in more than 50 countries in Europe, requiring that helmets have to go through thorough tests in order to be approved.
  • SHARP: It is a new rating which is built off the rating of ECE, giving more star system that is precise that range between 1 to 4 stars, instead of the blanket rating of fail/pass which is normally employed by ECE.
  • 6. Value for money: 

    There is no need for you to use a lot of money purchasing a helmet unless you are going for professional racing. After a crash, you will need to replace your helmet and thus, it will be important to get a helmet which will offer you a good value for the money you pay for it.

    7. Ventilation: 

    Decent airflow in the helmet is a factor which is important when it comes to your comfort. When the clean air enters, it helps to cool you when you are riding in weather which is hot and makes sure that, the inside stays fresh. You should look for an inlet and outlet vent at the side, top and the back of the helmet which can easily be opened and closed using your hands.

    A good system of ventilation should be able to provide direct paths for air to be able to flow on your head and face and at the same time, be capable of being able to shut off the air completely when you don’t need it. Getting one with vents on the chin can come in handy as it will be able to prevent the visor from being able to mist up.

    8. Protective features: 

    A helmet is supposed to protect you against potential falls and crashes. For motorcycle helmets, they will also protect you from elements which include snow, rain, pollution and road noise. For it to do all that, it has been made from a certain type of materials and engineered in a certain way.If you are a person who is into racing, you will want to go for maximum protection meaning, durable helmet with full face covering which is made from shock and energy absorbing materials. They should be SNELL certified.

    But in case you are just a regular user of ATV/UTV, and on safe roads always, you can go for half helmets which are more comfortable. But ensure that they are able to protect your head against potential crashes and falls and thus, should have the necessary certifications.

    Never purchase a non-certified helmet. Helmets that offer protection need to go through a certain test and pass local regulations. They should have ECE, DOT, AUS, or SNELL certification.

    9. Comfort:  

    For the helmet to give you maximum comfort, it needs to be well fitting, not too light, and not too loose. If it is not, then it might become a safety hazard. It is important that you get the right sized helmet for your specific head.

    When you have a helmet which is uncomfortable, it will likely take your focus away from the road and this could lead to a crash. The ventilation has to be good and you need to have a good field vision. There are some helmets which have options which are customized where you can remove or add certain parts to ensure that it is custom to you as a rider.

    10. Looks and Aesthetics: 

    While it is not very important as compared to the other factors on this list, you will have to take it into consideration. This is due to the fact that the design and color of the helmet need to match well with the rest of what you are wearing and also of the motorcycle.

    11. Price: 

    While price should not be the determining factor for quality, when you are purchasing a helmet, it is important that you understand that, the price might be influenced by things which are important and thus, there is no need to buy a cheap helmet which will not do the work of protecting you.  Price of a helmet might differ due to:

    o Certification
    o Materials used
    o Name or brand
    o Integrated technology

    So if you are not interested in technology, and you just require a helmet that is no-nonsense, then there is a possibility that you will pay less as compared to someone who wants a technological savvy helmet. The same applies to the brand. If you don’t care about the brand name, then you are likely going to pay less than someone who wants to put on a helmet with the famous brand name. But I would recommend that you get a helmet that has been manufactured by a reputable company.
    In terms of certification and materials, you don’t have to gamble. If you are going for a race, you will have to prepare yourself to pay more in order to get a good quality helmet which will be able to protect you against potential crashes or falls, meaning, it will be more expensive. As regarding certification, it has to be a helmet that has passed certain regulations. If you want maximum protection, then you will go for one that is SNELL certified.

    Why You Need An ATV Helmet

    In order to purchase a helmet, you will need to, first of all, consider why in the first place, you are buying one. What will you use the helmet for and what will you be doing with the ATV. Regardless of the reason, your safety has to come first and it should never be compromised by other factors that could make you go for a certain helmet over the other.

    Riding with a group: When you are riding alone, it can be fun but it feels even better when you find yourself riding in a group. You have to get a helmet which will optimize you to ride in big groups so that there is easy communication. There are various helmets which make communication to be very easy.

    When organizing for a group ride, there will be verbal communication and there will be a need for you to get a helmet which has built-in verbal exchange provisions. It should have a provision where you can easily install things like verbal Bluetooth system to make the experience great.

    • Every day commuting: If you are going to ride on a day to day basis or you take weekly road trips, then good quality, high-end helmets could be what you should settle for. This is due to the fact that they are more comfortable, and provide better dynamics and improved noise from the wind. 

    Enjoying your trip is very important and the need to feel comfortable is necessary when you ride along with luxury and versatility factor, which is important when traveling long distances on a daily basis or riding for very long periods.

    • Are you to ride tracks or race?: For tracks, it is best to get a SNELL rated helmet as they are normally high when it comes to overall performance. They will provide extra functions such as competitive venting and tear off posts for riders if you are in a tucked position. When you are doing riding tracks or having a race, you require high-end helmets due to the fact that there is a higher risk of injury. It will be best to go for the best helmets for racing.
    • General compliance: Most states require that a rider has to wear a helmet. You will have to check with your local town to make sure that, the helmet you are about to purchase has the requirements which are permitted by law.

    Features to look for in:

    The outer shell

    • Multi-layered
    • Materials: composite, carbon fiber, fiberglass
    • Aerodynamics to reduce buffing, sleek

    Inside the helmet

    • For added shock absorption, multiple densities absorbing interior

    In the visor

    • Anti-glare
    • An opening which does not block your vision and for air flow, it can easily be adjusted
    • UV protection
    • Easy to close and open
    • Anti-scratch
    • A tight seal
    • Easy to remove
    • Pinlock ready

    In the interior liner

    • Easily washable
    • Removable
    • Breathable
    • Sweat absorption
    • Antibacterial
    It will be able to offer you the best protection and it tends to be popular amongst most motorcyclists. In most instances, it has a visor which is movable, which is able to protect the eyes when closed. It has the following advantages:

    Types Of ATV Helmets

    1. Full Face Helmets:

    • It has better aerodynamics
    • Shields against the weather
    • It reduces the noise level greatly
    • It gives peace of mind as you have the greatest possible protection
    • Due to the fact that at times they can get very hot, you will need to pick one that has good ventilation.

    Common features

    • Retractable/integrated sun visors
    • Good venting
    • Bluetooth intercom system connectivity

    2.Off-Road Helmets:

    This type normally features more chin safety, solar visors, and a lot of venting. But there are those which come minus a visor. If you are planning to spend most of your time off road, then this could be ideal for you. You will like its lightweight construction, convenience, and great look.

    It has a full chin bar and still, an opening for goggles in place of a shield. There are those which incorporate removable visors on top to allow for deflection with roost, debris, rain, and sun.

    Common features

    • A construction which is ultra lightweight
    • Removable/integrated debris/sun visors
    • Maximum visibility due to large eye openings

    3. Open Face Helmets:

    They tend to be constructed with the same basic components like the full face helmets, but they don’t provide the chin and face protection which the full face provides. They tend to be popular with scooter riders, cruiser riders, and whoever finds it hard to put on a full face helmet. They have the following advantages:

    • Freedom
    • Fewer blind spots
    • You can put them on while at the gas station
    • Fashionable
    • It enables you to be aware of noise and movements around you

    When using an open face helmet, it is recommended that you ensure you have a snap-on visor when you ride or you pair it with goggles which can be able to withstand the impact of stones or any other debris. Sunglasses or prescription glasses might not be sufficient to protect you.

    Common features

    • A design which is ultra lightweight
    • Excellent venting
    • Integrated retractable/flip up visors and face shields

    4. Modular Helmets:

    It is between a full face and a half face helmet. It allows for head mobility and neck and chin comfort. They offer the security and protection of a full face helmet and the convenience of a half face.

    If you want to grab a bite, talk on the phone, or have a drink, have a conversation without having to take your helmet on and off, this could be the helmet ideal for you. All you will have to do is to flip up the modular helmet and thus, no inconvenience.

    Common features

    • Integrated sun shields and face
    • Flip-up chin bar, visor or both of them
    • Bluetooth intercom system connectivity

    5. Dual sport​:

    There are mostly referred to as adventure helmet. You can wear them on and off the street. They include integrated visors which are similar to the off-road helmets with some not having face shields.

    There are mostly referred to as adventure helmet. You can wear them on and off the street. They include integrated visors which are similar to the off-road helmets with some not having face shields.

    Common features

    • A design which is ultra light
    • It has excellent venting
    • Face shields and removable visors


    1. How To Clean and Maintain your ATV Helmets?
    • Remove the visor and any other pads which you can such as the cheek pads – you will hand-wash them separately.
    • Fill a basin with a washing solution of mild laundry detergent and warm water.
    • The bottom of the basin should be lined up with a folded up towel to prevent the shell from being able to scrap on the bottom while you are doing the washing.
    • Dunk the helmet and ensure it soaks for some minutes allowing the suds to be able to break down the grime and body oils.
    • The liner has to be rubbed using the tips of your fingers to remove bug guts or grime
    • Remove the helmet from the basin and go ahead and rinse it using shower head or faucet. This has to be done several times to ensure that, all the soap has been rinsed off.
    • Pat the helmet to dry and ensure that you remove as much moisture as you can from the liners and pads using a dry towel.
    • Wipe clean joints and vents using cotton swabs which you dip in the washing solution if need be.
    • Allow the helmet to air dry. This process can be made faster using a room fan but you should never use any heat source like blow dryer or heater.
    • When it is dry, using polish or a spray for automotive on the helmet shell to restore its shine (this should apply only to the gloss helmets)
    • You can apply a coat of automotive wax to give the helmet a coating for protection which will make future cleaning to be easier.
    • Reinstall the visor, lubricate the hinge mechanism lightly using silicone lube if it is necessary
    2. Which type of motorcycle helmet is the best?
    • The best helmet for a motorcycle is the full face as it protects the eyes, head from flying debris and impact as well as it is a complete gear for your head, to be worn on and off the road.
    3. How Do I Measure My Head for An ATV Helmet?
    • You will have to wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your head which should be above the ears and a half an inch above your eyebrows and take the measurement at the forehead.
    4. Which helmet is the safest?
    • There is no single helmet which is the safest. Different governments and different countries have different governing laws as far as safety protection schemes are concerned as per their schemes. The safest helmets are the ones which are the highest in quality.
    • If you are looking for one, you will need to check with your motorcycle helmet safety ratings in order to find out which one will be safe for you. But what matters is that, at the end of the day, your helmet will protect your life in some way. So if you cannot afford the high quality, most expensive one, go for one which is within your budget.
    5. Can you wear a motorcycle helmet on an ATV?
    • Helmets are very important and DOT, ECE or SNELL approved motorcycle or ATV helmets are a necessity for all UTV/ATV, passengers, and operators. The helmets for bicycles don’t meet this requirement.
    6. Which motorbike helmet should I get for long rides?
    • If you are planning to go for long rides, you will have to go for a helmet which suits you, one that feels lightweight on your head and it is able to give you safety which is excellent from impacts apart from the elements.
    • When it comes to long rides, a helmet which does not fit well can give you rashes, complications, stress points or flip and flop done to your eyes while you are riding. The best could be a complete face helmet due to the fact that it will offer you with excellent and comfortable protection.
    • A complete face helmet is the best for long bike rides as the eyes and face could be blanketed from elements such as sticks, rain, rocks, wind, and other debris. It is also exceptional for situations where you get into harsh climate conditions and with several vents, they can be best for warm weather.
    7. How long are ATV helmets good for?
    • Most helmet manufacturers recommend a replacement of the helmet after 5 years with some even arguing that you do it after 3 years.


    You together with your motorcycle have a purpose which could be racing down the track, going to and from work, or just joy riding with your friends. Whatever the purpose is, you should ensure that you get a quality helmet which will be able to protect you from the dangers that might befall you in case of a crash. Once you have one of the best helmets, you will be able to enjoy every moment you have on your motorcycle.
    A good helmet is there to be able to complement your journey. Now that you know what to look for in a helmet based on your specific needs, get one for yourself.  My best pick according to my personal needs is the 1Storm Modular Helmet with Flip Up and Full Face due to the fact that it fits securely, water doesn’t penetrate, it is a flip-up design, it has a reasonable price, and has a sturdy construction.

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