Top 9 ATV Light bars in 2019

Do you really require the best ATV light bar on your vehicle? Vehicles of all sizes and shape require headlights to guide them during the night. This important light source provides the much-needed illumination no matter the conditions of weather.

Sometimes when you have an additional source of light in the form of a LED light bar can be able to enhance your experience in driving especially if you are an off-road enthusiast. When this bright light is mounted on your vehicle, it will allow you to go for night rides adventure without the worrying of having to bump into rocks or stumbling across pits in the dark.

Finding the right information about the cheapest and best ATV light bar might take a lot of energy and time. That is why I have decided to compile what I think could be some of the best ATV light bar and other information that will help you to make an informed decision on which one to settle for.

List best light bars you should buy

1. LED Light Bar YITAMOTOR 54W 9inch – Flood

Do you like bright red light? Then get this LED light bar which comes in a two-pack of red bright color. It is the bright color which makes this lights to stand out and I might admit, that is what pushed me to include it on my list of the best ATV light bars. If you decide to purchase it, it is likely going to add flair to your vehicle which is playful as compared to the black color which most of the light bars come in.

It is 9 inches long and you can easily mount it on whatever surface of the vehicle that you want, thereby giving you a more customized look and feel as compared to a bigger or longer light bar.

This light is constructed in combos in different sets and sizes and thus,  you have an option to make your riding more fun as they tend to give a higher transmission of light. They have an upgraded lens which will definitely provide you with an output which is brighter.

It has a die-cast aluminum casing which will extend its lifespan for a durable light in whatever situation. The floodlights will be able to widen the spectrum of your seeing capacity while the spotlight will offer you with a long-distance illumination.



  • It will provide you with 50000 hours of lifetime use
  • IP 67 rating of waterproofing
  • Low power consumption
  • Strong lens power
  • Different sizes available to choose from
  • It comes with no instructions
  • It has a smaller range of mounting
  • 2. PACK LED Offroad Pod Lights Bar 51W 7inch – Round

    This particular ATV light bar attracted me due to the high-quality chips that it has which creates tremendous vibrant and highly effective rays when you are off-roading especially at night. The lens has an upgrade of superior supplies to improve its resistance and sturdiness in opposition to scratches.

    Due to its craftsmanship, its lifespan could be prolonged. This includes good dimension and design, making the light to create a great look if you decide to install it onto your vehicle. You have an option of modifying the mounting brackets to change the instructions of the lightweight and sunshine to wherever you want to install them on your vehicle.

    Putting these lights on your vehicle will likely produce a lot of brighter illumination which in the process, enable you to see a larger space during the dark. Due to its high-quality efficiency and at the same time being affordable, most of my friends tend to have installed it on their vehicles.



    • It is best for fog, daytime, and off-roading
    • It has an IP68 waterproof and dust proof which will guarantee you a harsh setting
    • The price is right
    • For higher illumination, it illuminates in an extended distance
    • It has an aluminum alloy design which will guarantee you an extended lifespan
    • It is inclined to fog in moist and humid situations

    3. Nilight Led Light Bar 51W 7inch – Round

  • If you are looking for high-quality off-road lights without having to compromise on quality, then these lights might be an option for you.  It has a tough construction and design due to its aluminum cover.
  • Its shatterproof capability makes it safe to use in off-road conditions which are extreme as you won’t have to be worried about it getting damaged. It comes with a lot of bigger lighting to be able to provide you with effective efficiency.
  • It is a nice mixture of spot beam and flood beams to ship a view which is broad and the illumination of distance which is lengthy. You will have an option of easily modifying the brackets to change the sunshine beam due to the 90 degrees adjustable mounting bracket. The availability of the conduction silicone gel and the aluminum alloy crowl has a great cooling impact which in the process, prolongs the lifespan of this particular light.
  • The mounting brackets which are constructed from stainless steel are rustproof and anti-corrosive and thus, you will use it in harsh weather conditions without the need to get worried about its impact on your light bar.
  • They have an upgraded PC lens which makes them hard to scratch. You will be able to enjoy these lights for a very long time as its durability is prolonged by its special craftsmanship. The design is compact and with a decent size which makes them portable and versatile.

  • ​PROS


  • Waterproof construction
  • Decent and durable design
  • Dissipate heat well
  • Adjustable mounting brackets
  • It is applicable in heavy-duty purposes
  • It lacks the right sealing for some climate situations.
  • 4. Nilight LED Light Bar 52 Inch 300W – Flood

  • This might be the right light bar for your ATV if you are looking for a 52-inch size that can produce 300 watts.  It is great on illumination and comes with a premium of 3 watts LED chips and a white light which is natural, to deliver great visibility as you off-road during long-distance driving.
  • With this particular light in place, you will be able to drive in various harsh weather conditions without any worries. You can be able to drive your vehicle across rivers that are muddy, in the rain without having to worry that the light bar will be damaged as it has waterproof components.
  • The silicone seal, the rubber band and the soft strip of waterproof will be able to offer your light bar with maximum protection when it comes to moisture. It is a model which comes with a mounting bracket which is extremely functional and you can be able to rotate it up to 360 degrees.
  • The bracket is durable as it is constructed from die-cast aluminum, easy to install and it is quakeproof.
  • ​PROS


  • It has a lifespan of more than 30,000 working hours
  • It is waterproof rated IP67 with anti-corrosive and dustproof properties
  • It is a 300W light bar that has 300W flood and spot beam combo
  • The PC lens is durable with LED chips which are of high quality
  • The aluminum die-cast brackets can rotate 360 degrees and are designed for rugged terrain.
  • Not long-lasting
  • 5. AMBOTHER LED Pods Light Bar 4 Inch 120w

  • In case you are in the market looking for the best-LED pods for your truck and other off-road vehicles, I would suggest you try out this particular one on my list. With over 9000 lumens, it will likely turn your night into day as it combines it with super bright and white with 6000K color temperature.
  • Apart from that, it features both flood and spot beam but it doesn’t have that possibility of switching between the two beams. It is constructed using die-cast aluminum, which makes it have corrosion resistance and ingress protection due to the IP67 rating. This means that you can use it comfortably in harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow.
  • Combined, they consume the power of about 120 watts, and thus, you should ensure that your vehicle is in a position to handle that demand. It has an advanced cooling through a thin radiator that comes with this particular bar.
  • The brightness is great and it is a bar design which is triple. It has a high transmittance lens and combines subversive spot and optic system. To add to that, it covers a distance location and has a wide viewing area
  • Due to the fact that it has a universal working voltage, it is likely that it is going to fit in a variety of vehicles. With an amazing lifespan of 100000 hours of use, you will definitely use it for a very long time if you decide to purchase it.
  • ​PROS


  • High transmittance lens that has a universal design
  • Master design and powerful brightness
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Quick cooling properties
  • It has adjustable mounting brackets
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty
  • Consumes a lot of power
  • You won’t be able to switch between the two beams
  • Offroadtown being a trustworthy manufacturer of the LED light bar, this might be one of the best in the market. It is an off-street light bar which options an aluminum design with a big house to make it faster and simpler to dissipate warmth.
  • It seems to be the type which might just last long with tear resistance. The mounting brackets which are adjustable can change the light instructions for enhanced flexibility when you are in darkness.
  • Apart from that, the silicone strip and waterproof makes it be able to survive in harsh weather conditions such as mud and rain. It tends to come with high-quality chips which might just produce high quality vibrant white light to be able to assist in dispelling darkness and ensure that you get security while on the road.
  • There is a deflective cup which will make the sunshine rays to be wider and softer thus, enhancing the general visibility at night.
  • ​PROS


    • It has wonderful lighting which will be effective in darkness
    • It has an IP68 rating for waterproof and resists water and mud
    • You can place it on a variety of vehicles
    • It is skinny and comparatively dense to eliminate warmth faster
    • Vibrant gentle to guarantee protection
  • It might be difficult to mount and set up the sunshine.
  • 7. LED Light Bar, OFFROADTOWN 12 Inch 96W

  • This tends to be one of the world’s first off-road lighting product that has a double row LED in a housing which is super slim. Though it is compact, it will be able to produce a lot of light while keeping moisture and water away. It comes with a complete switch and black cover and nylon wiring harness with a relay.
  • You will get more light forward to project the light at great distances while at the same time giving you an increased foreground coverage around your vehicle.  It will light with 6000K pure white light which is brilliant, making oncoming traffic and other obstacles on the road visible.
  • Its IP68 waterproof rating is one thing that made me consider it to be one of the best ATV light bars in the market. This means that it is going to effectively resist dust and water, avoiding condensation and moisture.
  • The plug and play harness on this light bar are made of durable nylon material and you can easily control the light fixtures to meet all your needs for mounting your light anywhere on your vehicle.
  • The led light bar which is 12 inches in length adopts a standard single row frame which contains dual LEDs row which makes it brighter as compared to those bars that have single rows of LEDs.
  • With the black cover, your vehicle will be able to have a unique look while it protects the LED light bar from dust, scratches and other outer damages.  You can apply this particular bar to a variety of vehicles and other ATV and UTVs. It will dispel the darkness and light up your road, giving you a clear view for safe driving.
  • ​PROS


  • It has an IP68 waterproofing rating
  • Comes with a black cover to protect the light bar from scratches and other outer damages
  • It comes with double LEDs rows for a brighter view
  • Its lifespan is over 50000 hours
  • It is super slim
    • Not high quality
  • Though this particular brand is not popular, I think it might be one of the best in the market. With it, you are likely going to go through the toughest weather conditions due to the fact that, it is IP67 certified for waterproof.
  • You will be able to mount it on various parts of the vehicle and on various types of vehicles with ease. Its operational voltage is at between 10 V to 30 V. It is one of the light bars which offers the lengthiest lifespan of over 50000 hours.
  • It is constructed from die-casting aluminum which is strong and has a toughened glass lens which is capable of saving more energy while in use. I consider it to be one of the affordable aftermarkets LED light bars for off-roading.
  • It has an easy mounting meaning, you won’t spend a lot of time fixing it on your vehicle. Since the company is registered in the USA, it could be producing a high-quality product which might be a good value for your money.
  • ​PROS


  • Has super high lighting intensity giving you the best of visibility
  • Has two mounting styles to choose from
  • IP67 waterproof certified
  • Wide operating voltage range of between 10V to 30V
  • Can be used on a variety of off-road vehicles
  • Brackets rust easily
  • When radio switched on, this light bar interferes with it
  • 9. Northpole LED Light Bar, Light 52" 300W

    • Though it is the second last light bar on my list, it doesn’t mean that it is of low quality. It is one of the best which features flood combo and waterproof spot with an exterior which is constructed from aluminum, making it durable.
    • It is a model which is designed to deliver 300 watts of white light irrespective of the weather condition. Its tough design includes a tough shatterproof lens and a voltage range which is wide. This makes it be one of the best choices for various kind of trucks and other offroad vehicles.
    • Due to its eco-friendly design, it has made it be a low consumption light bar with a lifespan of about 30000 hours. It also comes with a mounting bracket constructed from stainless steel which you can easily adjust to suit your different off-road lighting needs.



  • Low consumption design
  • IP67 waterproof certified
  • A durable black aluminum exterior
  • The lens which is anti-breakage design to be able to endure the harsh outdoor conditions
  • It comes with a stainless steel bracket
  • It has a lifespan of 30000 hours
  • Doesn’t fit on all trucks
  • 10. Curved LED Light Bar, Eyourlife 50” 288W

  • If you want to beat eye fatigue which is normally brought about by straining in order to see clearly, thereby stressing your eyes which is unhealthy, then you can invest your money in this particular light bar. The light which comes with the car is not adequate to give you a clearer or enable you to see far distance.
  • This is a powerful light that might just ensure that you don’t have the eye fatigue and enjoy visibility which is clear. It has 96 pieces of lead with each of them having 3W of 17280lm light bar, with a deep irridation length of bright lighting and a vide that is wide.
  • The floodlight can be moved in the direction of 60 degrees while for the spotlight beam, you can be able to move it in the 30-degree angle to ensure that you get a view that is unrestricted by your surrounding being lighted.
  • Its design is wonderful and it is the one that improves the airflow with the assistance of die-cast alloy heat sink which will ensure that you enjoy this particular light bar for about 50000 hours
  • If this will be your light bar of choice, then you will definitely enjoy 6000K color temperature and with the mounting bracket, you will be able to install it on any vehicle that you wish to. It is a versatile light bar as it tends to be compatible with a variety of vehicles.
  • This is a combo light meaning, you will be able to see objects which are far and also those around you to ensure that you have a smooth, safe, and good driving experience.
  • ​PROS


  • Easy to install
  • It is eco-friendly
  • It is super bright
  • It is versatile and thus, can be used on a variety of vehicles
  • Waterproof and dust proof
  • A perfect curved design
  • Has condensation problems
  • It doesn’t come with a relay switch
  • Types of LED Light Bars

    There are various types of ATV LED light bars configurations in the market which include the mini, the pod, and the larger full-size bars which you will find on most of the 4WD vehicles.

    When using an off-road vehicle, floodlights can be indispensable, mounted anywhere on the vehicle by means of brackets which are custom. If you are planning to ride a 4WD over terrain which is rough at night, then you will need to have lighting option which has serious lumen output and with a wiring harness which is rugged.

    Here are some LED light bars options which are meant for ATVs

  • Single row: This will be able to offer you enough lumens and brightness at a price which is affordable. If you will be doing most of your off-roading during the day, then you will only need one row of floodlights. It is a beam type which will allow you to be able to explore some of your favorite trails without the worry of the sky getting dark on you. It is also available in a design which is curved which you can readily purchase for your jeep.
  • Amber LED bars: It is a special light which has the capability of creating visibility in fog and dust. It is constructed from LEDs of amber light-producing and it tends to create more visibility as compared to white light. There are manufacturers who go a step further and integrate it into full-length standard LED light bars.
  • Dual row: This type will be able to offer you with double lumens and illumination. It is the best choice if you enjoy going for trails during summer and winter. Fog and rain will not be an obstacle due to this powerful source of light. They have a combination of flood and spot beams which deliver visibility which is quality especially when the night falls.
  • Pods Sets: They are usually small sets of LEDs which you can easily mount on whatever part of your vehicle. They come with a single cable and are normally easy to install.
  • Square pods: It is a light source which is normally sold in pairs and comes in shapes of squares or cubes. Individual units will be able to offer you with enough brightness but they can be positioned far away or next to each other. Pods which are square in shape have a flood beam and thus, you can mount them on whatever type of vehicle you own.
  • Full length LED Whips: It is the standard LED light bar which provides the most visibility. There are those which offer a spot or wide beam but others combine both beams to give you the best visibility.
  • Billet Mount bars: It is the best in highlighting certain parts of your ATV such as the fenders, bumpers and the racks
  • The light bars come in various shapes where curved and straight are the most common types. You will also come across round and square smaller lights, but this is normally considered as work lights and not light bars. But there are those who consider them as a good option for their ATVs.

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